Australian Culture

A Beginner’s Guide to Aussie Humour

Have you ever found yourself wondering if your Aussie friends are making fun of you? Or have you wondered why your Aussie work colleagues would imply that they themselves are lazy, slobs or downright incompetent?… Read more

10 Signs You’re Dating an Australian

Australians – those sun-kissed, laidback, fun-loving folk, brave enough to inhabit a land with the highest amount of dangerous animals in the world, yet soft enough to complain when the temperature dips below 20°C. If… Read more

Eight Crazy World Records Held by Australia

A couple of weeks ago, Adelaide officially became the hottest capital city in Australia, reaching a sweltering and sweaty 46.6C. In honour of this feat of climate insanity, let’s review some of the weird and… Read more

Public Holidays in Australia Explained

Ah, public holidays. In other words, the perfect excuse to travel over a long weekend and ignore any mounting assignments. Public holidays really are the best way to get extra time to explore your adopted… Read more

A Guide to Australia Day

Right in the middle of Australia’s steaming hot summer is Australia Day, the country’s national day held annually on 26 January. The day marks the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788,… Read more

Great Aussie Gifts to Send Home

Want to send a little piece of Australia to friends and family back home? Forget keychains and t-shirts; we’ve put together a list of iconic Aussie gifts that are sure to please your loved ones… Read more

Drinking Culture in Australia

Alcohol can be a big part of Australian culture. Find out more about Australians’ relationship with alcohol and how to navigate as an international student.

Conversation Starters With Locals

With so many different social and cultural norms, making friends can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. Here are a few tips on how to start a conversation with local students.

Essential Aussie Slang for International Students

International students say that one of the most confounding aspects of Australian culture is the constant use of slang. This isn’t surprising as Australians use slang, in particular, ‘diminutives’ (shortened words) more than any other… Read more

Australian Indigenous Cultures

Perhaps while studying in Australia, you’ve heard someone say at the beginning of a speech or a meeting, ‘we acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this land’. This is called Acknowledgement of Country and it’s a… Read more

How To Make Friends With Locals

Now you are in Australia it’s time to make friends with the locals. This is a great way to really experience your town from a local perspective and enrich your cultural understanding during your time… Read more

LGBTQI International Students

The ABS will conduct a postal survey to ask Australians whether they support marriage equality. For LGBTQI students, this can be a challenging time.

Aboriginal Cultural Events

An insight into Aboriginal cultural community festivals, art exhibitions, talks, live music and dance performances across Australia.

A Guide to Australian Etiquette

Ever wondered what is and isn’t good etiquette in Australia? Well, fear not, you have a little leeway here in the land of Oz. At least, we don’t have many rigid and unbreakable rules of… Read more

Owning Pets in Australia

If you’re planning to stay in Australia long-term, you might begin to consider whether or not you’re ready to adopt a pet. Still, amidst the traveling, studying, adventuring and other responsibilities that come with being… Read more

Understanding Australian Hospitality

Sharing a drink or a meal is an important bonding experience in most cultures to show friendship- or mateship, if you’re in Australia! But sometimes, this can differ across cultures. When it comes to eating… Read more

Top Tips For Making Local Friends

Making new friends may seem daunting, but when you’re living and studying abroad it’s absolutely necessary. As an international student it’s comparatively easy to make friends with other international students: you’re all in the same… Read more

Must Try Australian Food

Moving to a new country pushes you out of your comfort zone, there’s no denying it, and never more so in the food that you encounter on a daily basis. As Australia is a unique… Read more

Your First Few Weeks in Australia

The first few days in your new home will go by in a blur. Getting off the plane, getting to your new accommodation, unpacking, buying essentials—suddenly, you’ll realise you’ve been living in Australia for a… Read more