Top Tips for Staying Healthy in Winter

Australia’s winter weather ranges from 30°C and sunny in the north, to a chilly 14°C with endless rain throughout the south. Regardless of where in the country you might be, it’s important to keep yourself… Read more

Good Health Habits to Start the Semester

By Lucy Fairlie-Jones, Nutritionist (BNutr, Hons, RN) at Good Habits. Moving to a new country is an incredibly exciting adventure, but when trying to overcome cultural and language barriers, make friends, study and orientate yourself in… Read more

Eight Clever Ways to Beat the Flu

If you’ve been hit with the flu and you’re looking for a way to beat it, here are some surprising ways you can rid yourself of some of the more unsavoury symptoms.

How to Relieve Stress Without Spending a Cent

As the semester progresses and exams loom closer, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed. We all know it’s important to stay calm and relaxed during exam season, but that can be difficult when there’s… Read more

Drinking Culture in Australia

Alcohol can be a big part of Australian culture. Find out more about Australians’ relationship with alcohol and how to navigate as an international student.

Why You Should Try Yoga and Pilates

If you want to learn more about yoga and Pilates, here is an explanation of the physical and mental benefits of practising yoga and Pilates regularly.

Taking Care Of Your Mental Health

Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are unfortunately common among students and, research has shown that international students are particularly vulnerable. The pressures of being away from their homes, studying in another language… Read more

Why Can’t I Smoke on Campus?

If you would like to smoke a cigarette while at university in Australia, you’re probably going to have to take it outside… the campus. Attitudes towards smoking can be a major culture shock for many international students while in Australia.

Resources for LGBTI International Students

A survey from the Pew Research Center found that the average age that lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual individuals come out, is 20 years old – an age when many are still studying. LGBTI students… Read more

Dealing with Stress

When you’re studying abroad, it’s normal to experience stress once in a while. But sometimes, you might feel you need a bit of extra help.

Tips For Curing Homesickness

This article was written by our Managing Director, James Martin, based on his own experiences studying overseas. I did my student exchange in Bordeaux, France. It was, by far, the best experience of my life,… Read more

Doctor, Is it a Cold or Is it Flu?

Feeling sick but don’t know if it’s the flu or a cold? NHDS have written this helpful article to explain the difference so you can get better quicker!

Why It’s Important to Have Your Own GP

Having a regular GP is important, especially when you’re new to a foreign country and might not know what to do in an emergency or when you get sick.

Learning to Swim

Australia has so many beautiful beaches, rivers, and lakes that you should visit. Whether it’s surfing, swimming, fishing or just playing with friends you are guaranteed to have a great day. But if you aren’t confident… Read more