Transport: Getting Around Your City

It’s time for you to hit the streets! Whether you are walking, riding a bike, catching public transport or driving a car, you need to know what is the best way to get from A… Read more

Bike Riding in Australia

Bikes and international students go together like coffee and donuts. Most international students will spend between $700 – $1500 a year on transport.  This makes getting a bike a very cheap alternative. Add to that,… Read more

Guide to Public Transport Etiquette

Public transport in a new city can be confusing. Not only do you have to work out where you are going, you also want to get there without annoying your fellow passengers. Here are our… Read more

How to Buy a Bike

Buying a bicycle is a great investment and an excellent way to save money as a student, not only will it get you from A to B for free, but it will keep you fit too! When buying a bike you need to think about its purpose.

What is Car Sharing?

Car sharing is a popular and cost-effective car rental system, wherein companies rent cars to members on request for short periods of time, even by the hour. Car sharing is a brilliant service for those who only need the occasional use of a car. It benefits individuals with the immediate availability and easy use of a car.

How do I Buy a Car?

Buying a car in a new country can appear daunting at first, but all it takes is a bit of research. First up, think about the kind of car you’re after and decide whether to… Read more

Public Transport Options in Your City

Getting around in Australia is relatively easy in most cities. Public transport options are abundant as Australian cities use trams, trains, buses and ferries, with the mix changing for each city. Choose your city below… Read more

Driving in Oz

Australia is a land of wide-open spaces and incredible scenery – even the cities are pretty spacious. And that’s why driving is the ultimate way for international students to take advantage of all the beautiful… Read more