Looking for a fun night out, minus the drinking?

Try some of these activities!

Get close to nature

Melbourne and Victoria are home to some of Australia’s most beautiful national parks and walking trails – perfect for camping trips.  Find out about all the best spots in our guide to Camping Near Melbourne.

Or, simply head to one of Melbourne’s beautiful beaches and watch a sunset (or stay up for a sunrise).

Check out some sports

The city has been called the sporting capital of the world simply because of its jam-packed calendar of events and world-class sporting venues.  This makes finding a late night match of AFL, rugby, cricket, tennis or any other number of sports pretty easy.  Explore the full sporting calendar here.

See live music, events, and that ‘Melbourne atmosphere’

In the Summertime, you can see advance screenings, new releases and cult classics at Melbourne’s Moonlight Cinema.

Melbourne’s live music scene is renowned for its incredible mix of local and international acts.  Check out Beat Magazine’s Gig Guide for all the best acts.

You can also sometimes catch a late-night exhibition at one of many cultural centres such as the Melbourne Museum.

Federation Square in the heart of the city is a great place for a night out. Take a seat and watch a live event or some public art on its Big Screen, try something delicious at one of the many restaurants, or simply enjoy the atmosphere at the state’s most famous public square.

For something completely different, compete with friends at one of many Escape Rooms. These interactive group games have become incredibly popular in the city in recent years and there’s a few different one’s to choose from.

Get up in the air

Get a view of the city from some 297 metres above the streets from The Eureka Sky Deck. Or, for a slightly less elevating, but more moving experience, try the rotating Melbourne Star in Docklands.

Shop a little

For some late night shopping, Emporium is open till 9pm on Thursdays and Fridays.  And the famous Queen Victoria Night Markets are on Wednesdays until 10pm throughout November and December.