Australians are very passionate about playing sports. Joining a sporting club is a great way to get fit, meet people and be a part of the community.

Find a sport and club that’s right for you.

Your University or Institution

Most universities and institutions will have a wide range of sporting teams and facilities for you to join, no matter if you are a serious sportsperson or you are new to the sport and want to learn, or you just want to play a social game.

Australian Rules Football (AFL)

AFL is the national sport of Australia played in all cities. People of all abilities can get involved through AFL Community. Even if you are unfamiliar with the sport, you will be out there kicking goals before you know it.


Basketball is a sport played both indoors and outdoors in Australia and is one of the most popular participation sports with hundreds of thousands of registered and social players. Basketball Australia will point you in the right direction to find your local team and competition.


Great to play outdoors during the Summer months or indoors during Winter. Play Cricket organises players for cricket teams around the country for coaching, social matches or competitions.

Football (Soccer)

Football is rapidly growing in popularity in Australia for both men and women and is played indoor and outdoors throughout the whole year. Find your local club through My Football Club to join up to social, competition or futsal teams.


If you are serious about your swimming then joining a Swimming Australia club is perfect for you. There are coaches and classes to improve your form in all cities and major towns, as well as meet-ups and competitions.


Tennis is a popular sport in Australia with tennis courts everywhere for players of all abilities. Find a trainer to practice your volleys or get involved with competitions and events with at your local Tennis Australia club.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is a fast paced indoor sport and it’s popularity as a social sport means it is played everywhere from universities to workplaces to student accommodation facilities. Keen table tennis players can find their local club for practice and competitions with Table Tennis Australia.


A non-contact sport for men and women that can be played on grass, indoor or beach anytime. Volleyball Australia organises both beach volleyball and indoor volleyball teams, events and competitions across all major cities.


Netball is the highest team participation sport for women in Australia however mixed teams are also growing in popularity. Netball Australia arranges nationwide competitions and teams for this fun sport for all abilities.


Parkour is movement through any environment at speed by using your body and mind to run, climb, jump and vault. Australian Parkour Association runs classes, workshops and other events teach Parkour to everyone regardless of fitness level, experience or ability.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is the ancient Chinese martial art practised for both defence training and health benefits. New beginner classes with the Taoist Tai Chi Association start regularly in multiple locations in all major cities.


Meetup is a website that allows you to find all different kinds sporting events and groups. From casual soccer matches on Saturdays to Dragon boating teams, this is a great way to be active and meet new people.