Sydney has several train lines from the Central Railway Station that head east, north, west and south from the CBD. There are plenty of stations along each line, so check out the timetable to see if any are close to where you live. The train system is a practical choice for getting to the outer suburbs and around the CBD quickly.


To get to many of Sydney’s metropolitan areas, buses are the best option. Buses service almost all parts of Sydney and its outer suburbs, so it’s pretty likely there’ll be a bus stop near you. Buses around Sydney vary in arrival times, usually averaging between 5-15 minutes at popular bus stops and ranging up to an hour in the outer suburbs. If the bus has an L or X somewhere in the number, be careful! Some of these buses are express buses, meaning they won’t stop at certain bus stops. Check with the driver if you’re unsure.


Ferries cover almost every suburb that’s fronted by Sydney Harbour, including Manly, Balmain, Circular Quay and even extend as far as Parramatta. The ferry system is one of the prettiest ways to get around the city, taking advantage of the city’s harbour, port and river system. Tickets are a little more expensive but worth it for the scenery.


The reusable smart card (Opal card) is easy to use. It works a bit like a debit card: first, you’ll need to load money onto your Opal card at a station or an authorised store such as 7/11. Visit www.opal. com.au for information on where to buy and top up an Opal card.

As an international student, do I get a discount on public transport?

The short answer is: not really. International students who use public transport a lot may like to purchase a special International Student 90- or 365-day MyMulti ticket, although these tickets don’t cover Zone 1.

See the Transport NSW website for more info: transportnsw.info/international-students