South Australia is such a beautiful part of the Australian landscape and its capital Adelaide is well worth considering as your new place to live. Here are some of the top reasons you should study in Adelaide.

1. Adelaide is really international student-friendly

Adelaide is sometimes considered the city created for students — and for good reason. In Adelaide, there’s a huge number of opportunities to study alongside, collaborate with and become part of its many major thriving industries. These include bioscience, health, agriculture, wine, information and communications technology, defence, tourism and the arts. But Adelaide is also a bustling, beautiful city environment. In fact, Adelaide was the fourth most desirable top Australian study destination for international students in 2017.

2. Adelaide is very affordable

Adelaide is the perfect place to live and explore on a student budget. Of the top five most popular Australian study destinations with international students in 2017, Adelaide was the second most affordable city in terms of average rental price (AU$213 per week). It’s a steal compared to pricier Sydney (AU$285 per week) and Melbourne (AU$258 per week). Plus, reports show that, in general, the cost of living in Adelaide is 21% less expensive than Melbourne and 23% less than Sydney.

3. It’s home to Australia’s oldest university

The historical colonial-era sandstone buildings of Adelaide’s university campuses (especially those in the CBD) are breathtakingly beautiful to wander through and behold. In fact, you might feel like you’ve stepped right into Hogwarts! Adelaide is also home to Australia’s oldest university, the University of Adelaide, which was established in 1874. But it’s not just a pretty place; the University of Adelaide also consistently ranks in the top 1% of universities worldwide and is a member of the Group of Eight, a union of Australia’s leading research-intensive universities.

4. Transport in Adelaide is super convenient

In Adelaide, you’ll notice many inner city trams weaving through the city CBD, which gives the city a charming ‘village’ feel. Many city transport services are free (including buses), so you can affordably enjoy, experience and explore Adelaide at your leisure.

Adelaide is also very bicycle-friendly. Free bicycles are available to use around the CBD, which not only promotes a healthier, greener and more active lifestyle, but is also super convenient when you’re running late to university!

5. Adelaide is festival central

Ask any international student and they’ll tell you the same thing: there’s always something happening in Adelaide. Major festivals include WOMADelaide, the Adelaide Festival, the FEAST Festival, Adelaide Fringe, OzAsia, IndoFest and the Spirit Festival – just to name a few!

6. But it’s also pretty calming and relaxing

On the one hand, Adelaide has all the benefits of a thriving city. But on the other, it can be refreshingly laid-back, quiet and relaxed. So, once you’re done sightseeing, partying or working, you’ll always be able to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the city to focus more on your studies. This makes Adelaide a fantastic place for dedicating time to study and better work productivity.

As Ben Folds once sang, “going where there is no worry, fuss or hurry – Adelaide”.

7. There are big opportunities in Adelaide for internships and employment

There’s ample opportunity for international students to participate in internships and find part-time employment whilst studying in Adelaide. After graduation, students are often in high demand, as universities in Adelaide have cultivated a strong reputation for developing graduates of international distinction. This is, in many ways, thanks to the city’s unique study programs and more ‘research-intensive’ approaches to teaching and learning. ‘Small-group’ discovery (smaller classes, and closer teacher/student attention) is also big. Adelaide graduates therefore develop their own very unique voices, perspectives and practical research skills and abilities — an asset to any company.

8. The city is full of cultural activities

In the heart of Adelaide’s CBD lie many of South Australia’s major arts and cultural institutions. Some of these include the State Library of South Australia, the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, the South Australian Museum, the Art Gallery of South Australia, the Adelaide Festival Centre and Adelaide Zoo. Many of these are near the North Terrace campus of The University of Adelaide, meaning the area is always bustling with fellow students. Hey, what could be better than taking an afternoon study break at the zoo?

9. Adelaide has a thriving food and bar culture

Adelaide is home to a number of bars and restaurants, so you’ll probably be spoilt for choice when going out. Be adventurous and go hunting for Adelaide’s hippest hidden lane-way and  rooftop bars. Down a drink at Nola Craft Bar and Whisky, Mr Goodbar, BRKLYN or any of the other many bustling bars in Adelaide’s East End, or head to Adelaide’s South West for great coffee (My Kingdom for a Horse), pizza (East of Norman) and whiskey (Prohibition Liquor Distillery and Tasting Room). If you’re after something a little more homely, grab some home-made eats at the Adelaide Central Market.

10. It’s the best of all worlds

Adelaide offers balance. It’s a city famous for colourful and diverse communities, beautiful rural landscapes, historic sandstone cityscapes, thriving local industries, bustling businesses, low unemployment rates and a healthy economy. It’s at once an exciting and relaxed city that celebrates diversity, opportunity and education.