The language barrier is something that all international, non-native English students aim to overcome while studying in Australia. It can be daunting conversing with people in English so we have created this list of fun, interactive online tools to help improve your confidence.

This article is about improving your English language skills on an ongoing basis. If you are preparing for your IELTS test, then make sure you get the most out of the IELTS Support Tools and sign up for a free IELTS Masterclass. Liking the IELTS IDP Facebook page will also provide you with daily quizzes that can be useful for continued learning.

Increase your vocabulary

English File, which was designed by Oxford University Press, provides a range of different interactive activities for different elements of the language. Do crosswords puzzles, play word games and other activities to increase the number of words you understand. With various levels to choose from, you can start low and build your way up to complex topics.

Use videos to improve your comprehension

EnglishCentral GoLive! is an English language learning platform that incorporates interactive video learning using one-on-one online tutoring for English as a Second Language students. Beginners can plan a lesson on any of the 50 online courses or EnglishCentral’s 10,000 videos lessons. Pick a video from the extensive selection and listen along with subtitles provided. The videos encourage you to pause on complex words, with a quick explanation provided.

Take an interactive course

BBC Learning English provides free audio, video, and text materials. Watch their well-crafted videos and then complete the related activities to increase your knowledge of the language. The BBC have been running ‘Learning English’ since 1943, and it is an excellent resource for international students.

Hire an online tutor/teacher

A virtual face-to-face interaction tool, italki helps with individual interactions among students and teachers. This is a paid service, you simply choose a tutor (native speaker) or teacher (certified professional – the more expensive option), schedule a time and then have a Skype chat with them. An excellent way to improve your English conversational skills.

Sign up for the language social network

Busuu is a social network of people around the world learning new languages. Engage with native speakers and earn points as you progress. Available both online and on their mobile app, Busuu is a fun and rewarding way to improve your English.